Moving Meditations: Dances Of Universal Peace

Relieve Stress... Connect With Your True Self...

Join us for an evening of moving meditations: simple circle dances using sacred phrases from many of the world's wisdom traditions. Dancers often report feelings of deep peace, grounding and
 connection after a dance session.

These circle dances are called Dances Of Universal Peace.
Everyone participates. No experience necessary.

Each dance is fully taught in minutes by a certified dance leader.
We welcome beginners and all skill levels.

Everyone is welcome. No need to bring a partner!

In Portland
Every Tuesday

7:30 - 9:00 PM

St. David Of Wales
Episcopal Church
2800 SE Harrison St.
Portland, OR 97214

In Hillsboro
Every Friday

 7:30 - 9:00 PM

Unitarian Universalist
Community Church
22785 NW Birch Street
Hillsboro, OR 97124

In West Linn
Every First Sunday

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
(Except no dance Jan 6)

Portland Family
Peace Fellowship
2620 Hughes Drive
West Linn, OR 97068

 Always live music!

Donation Requested
(No one is ever turned away for lack of funds)

Email us

Please note: on rare occasions we need to cancel a dance at the last minute due to inclement or unusual weather conditions. We will always post any such cancellation on our cancellations page before 6 pm on the day of the dance. Please check this page at 6 pm if you are in doubt as to whether heat, snow, air quality or any other reason might cause us to cancel a dance on the day of the dance.


"I want to thank you again for the remarkable space you created on Tuesday...welcoming dances, chants and live music...inviting us all to "let go" of the stuff of our chaotic, confusing world, and sink into a deep space of engaging peace. Two days later I am still touched by and feel connected to this depth connection of peace that surprises me when it rises up to meet my is odd and interesting how letting this peace touch me at my depths causes me to feel alive in an intimate sort of way. I've had the good fortune to have personal immersion experiences into some of the cultures represented by Tuesday's dances. As we were dancing, it was as if the ancestral spirits from the various cultures were there dancing with us, as we collectively moved our feet and our bodies in the living, flowing rhythms that brought their people together so long ago."

"It is a beautiful thing to see how these dances are so much more than a spiritual practice, that these dances represent a way of life that so long ago had a way of weaving and unifying daily activities, work and spiritual expression as harmonious expressions of one life. So unlike our hectic modern world where these three facets of life are easily fragmented and become separate expressions that compete for our time, energy and resources. We can easily sink into alienating relationships to how we live our lives."

"I am so grateful you keep these rhythms alive in dance and song, to help us remember collectively how important this all is. This is more essential than ever rapid shifts and changes are disrupting the lives of many. There is a great "invisible" need to step back into the rhythms of ife...that easily goes unnoticed. I love the way the Dances Of Universal Peace have of taking us into this deep immersion experience to release stress and tension, and to remember again...after we've had a long challenging experience...what peace brings back to our daily living."

"Thank you so much for what you do in this regard. Love and blessing to you both...and to your precious 'work'."

*     *     *

"It was wonderful to be there with you and Michael and all the beautiful people. I will see you tomorrow for another warm and wonderful night of dancing. I am so grateful for this circle and appreciate all the effort and commitment you and Michael put in to make it so powerful."
Love, Margaret


“These dances help connect spirit, mind and body.  When I dance in the circle, I feel at one within myself and with the others who dance by my side. Michael and Michelle bring loving presence, beautiful music and an honoring of both the masculine and feminine Divine Spirit.”
Very grateful, Margaret

*     *     *
"Joan and I comment to each other after each dance how much they mean to our spiritual journey. Your and Michael's efforts, talents and faithfulness are quite remarkable! We feel blessed to have the opportunity to dance with you and get to know you!"
Peace, Pam
*     *     *
 "The dances have become a deeply meaningful and enriching part of my life. They nurture my soul and feed my spirit. They linger on my mind and in my heart throughout the week. I always look forward to returning. Dances Of Universal Peace is the single most powerful spiritual practice I have encountered, even after a life spent searching for truth and connection. The have allowed me to flower and grow in exciting and unexpected ways. The love and acceptance I have experienced from those in the circle has surprised and delighted me, time after time."
*     *     *
"I recognize how guided I was to come to your circle...and it changed my life forever. The two of you, your love for one another and love for the gift of this life is so inspiring and moving! I feel so at home in your presence. And, I am so very honored to be able to experience this. Deep gratitude to the both of you for the peace you bring to our selves, our communities and our world!"
So much love, Lori
*     *     *
"Deep gratitude to Michelle and in the placement of every candle, beauty in the flow of every dance...uniting hearts, blessing us all!"
*     *     *
"What a wonderful joyous celebration of the spirit within us all. What a nice, peaceful celebration of culture and diversity. It really shows the power of the human heart. It truly is an uplifting experience to attend! Highly recommended!"
*     *     *
"Thanks. You and Michael bring such a deep connection to Source and a gentle and effective way of leading. Thank you for sharing your gift."
*     *     *
"Every week the Dances are wonderful and bring me to a place of peace and interconnection. Last week seemed exceptionally so. Thank you friends!"
*     *     *

"I'm enjoying your circle. I'm meeting lots of new people while dancing to sacred phrases of the world's religions. I have fun, its meditative and spiritual at the same time."
*     *     *

Such a great event!! The energy is vibrant and the peaceful words flow beautifully with the movement. Absolutely wonderful.
*     *     *

"Well done, loved it. Will be back!"

*     *     *

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